Cash Offers In 48 Hours Or Less!

Cash offers are important to handy-man specials because banks generally won’t approve financing to houses that aren’t in working condition. In order to make all cash offers consistently to sellers as quickly as possible it is important that we establish an inexhaustible network of buyers. In an ideal world...

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Driving For Dollars Cruisin’ For Hours

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – won’t you be my neighbor.” As I sing along then switch gears… “Cruisin down the street in my Dodge Ram”. From 0 to 100, then back to zero. Zip code to zip code,¬†when it comes to driving for dollars, rolling at a snail’s pace...

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Bandit Sign Picasso

How a Little Creativity can Improve Your Bandit Signs I was driving through the neighborhood the other afternoon when I approached the intersection looking to my left and noticed a bandit sign hanging low on a light post. It was just barely legible but I was somehow able to make out the number. After crossing the street to the...

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