Bandit Sign Picasso

Bandit Sign Picasso

How a Little Creativity can Improve Your Bandit Signs

I was driving through the neighborhood the other afternoon when I approached the intersection looking to my left and noticed a bandit sign hanging low on a light post. It was just barely legible but I was somehow able to make out the number. After crossing the street to the gas station and parking I walked to the curb just to see if I could read the bandit sign from across the street. When I realized I could’t I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read a bandit sign from 20 yards away? Or even at night time from 10 yards away? My mind started racing and I even considered everything from reflective stickers to glow-in-the-dark markers and paint.

Then it hit me. “I need to take a trip to Home Depot.” As I walked through the isle looking at real estate signs and blank bandit signs I noticed something that I never noticed before or cared to pay attention too. It was a small pack of paper stencils for about 5 bucks. I immediately grabbed them and headed to Walmart and grabbed a few packs of markers. Then I grabbed a Budweiser and headed home to implement my evil plot to take over the world through bandit signs. Of course by now everyone know’s the do’s and don’ts of bandit signs, but I’ve never heard of anyone making this cheap gorilla marketing technique stand out among the flock. Enter Bandit Picasso.

Bandit Picasso

Bandit Picasso Kit

Let There be Color!

Ok I’m not exactly Picasso but I did manage to make my bandit signs legible from FAR across the intersection. All itn took was $15 worth of creativity and a tall can. Although it’s time consuming to make all your bandit signs this way, you can make the ones that are at “highly trafficked” intersections easily stand out. You can even ‘hire’your kids to do it for you. I was actually a bit surprised at how far of a distance away from the light post I was able to read my phone number compared to the other guy’s sign.

Legible bandit sign

A/B Comparison

But the important thing is to ‘track‘ your bandit marketing campaign. You want to assign dedicated phone numbers to them so you can see how effective they are compared to direct mailings, or craigslist, or Google Adwords. In this way you can adjust your marketing budget accordingly. You can easily use Google Voice but I prefer using the TalkU app and Burner App on my iPhone. (TalkU has a built in FAX feature). Burner integrates well with Slack where I have a channel dedicated to my buyer’s list. I’m currently using Streak and Podio as my CRM. Somehow I manage to integrate all this stuff like a symphony orchestra.

Regardless of which method of madness you use just remember… If you are going to use bandit signs think outside the box. ¬†Grab their attention by staying a step above the flock. Of course if you just wanna spend the extra money you can order them with big¬†letters from the shop. But when experimenting with a new intersection I’d rather make it ‘cheaply professional’ to see how long it’s gonna last on that light post. I don’t want my ‘good signs’ wasted on a lousy intersection.


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