Cash Offers In 48 Hours Or Less!

Cash Offers In 48 Hours Or Less!

Buyer's List Hand-Off

Buyer’s List Hand-Off

Cash offers are important to handy-man specials because banks generally won’t approve financing to houses that aren’t in working condition. In order to make all cash offers consistently to sellers as quickly as possible it is important that we establish an inexhaustible network of buyers. In an ideal world we’d love to fix-and-flip every single property we come across that’s worth our time and effort. ¬†However, in situations where we just can’t acquire a property because we’re busy with other projects, or don’t have the resources to make the deal happen immediately, we believe strongly in taking on a partner or just simply passing the deal to another investor in our network like a hand-off at the 50 yard line. This will allow us to continue our marketing efforts locating good properties and making offers in situations where we see wonderful opportunities, allowing another team player to run it back to the in-zone for a touchdown.

Since our marketing to buy houses runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week all 365, it makes a lot of since to have a very extensive buyer’s list to wholesale a few properties we can’t close on, while maintaining our solid reputation for making cash offers within 48 hours or less. Thus allowing us to seamlessly move from one project to another like Tom Brady making his rounds through the play-offs.

Reciprocal Cash Offers

This also inadvertently builds a solid network of reciprocity in the sense that if things ever get slow for me or my team, maybe some investor we worked with in the past will remember us when their hands are full with too many projects and swing an opportunity or two back in our direction allowing us to partner up with them, or simply take over a transaction that they put a contract on. Either way, having an extensive buyer’s list and managing it with some sort of CRM software is a win-win situation for everyone in our network. What would make things go even smoother and run more efficiently is if we knew EXACTLY what type of investment properties every single buyer in our network was interested in. That way when properties come flooding in from our marketing efforts, we don’t have to present buyer/investor’s with properties they won’t be interested in. And also if things get slow, we can go out and locate the type of properties our buyer’s would JUMP on when the opportunity presents itself.

Therefore it is of paramount importance that our buyer’s consider the following when contacting us:

  1. What Zip Codes do you prefer to invest in?
  2. What type of residential properties do you prefer? (single-family, multi-family, 2-story, etc)
  3. How many square feet? Bedrooms? Bathrooms? Garage/Carport, Basement, etc?
  4. What price point do you prefer to purchase at? (‘as-is’)
  5. What price range do you prefer to sell at? (‘market prices’)
  6. Which school districts do you prefer?
  7. Are you an all-cash buyer or will you acquire bank financing?
  8. How soon can you make a purchase when presented with a property?
  9. How many properties do you purchase yearly?
  10. What’s your ROI? What’s the minimum amount of profit you are looking to earn on each property?

I quickly pulled questions off the top of my head but hopefully you get the idea. Staying informed of these things allows me to make notes of what a certain buyer prefers so I won’t waste his/her time ‘fumbling’. I can also keep track of how much I contact them. so as not to bug them too much, but still know when it’s about that time to call them up and present them with another offer or opportunity to ‘partner-up’ on an a project. That way I can keep marketing to motivated seller’s, making all-cash offers quickly (because I know EXACTLY what my buyer’s WANT). This allows me to snatch up the low-hanging-fruit, and make touchdowns at the Title Company. By knowing exactly what everyone on my buyer’s list wants, I’ll never have to punt. Now … how many green houses and red hotels will¬†it take us to afford Tom Brady’s mansion? THAT is the question.

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