How Much Is My House Worth? A Road Map To True Market Value

How much is my house worth? Knowing what a property is really worth is extremely important to homeowners, buyers, and sellers. Because homeowners want to know if their house has appreciated or depreciated in value and where they stand with equity. While buyers want know the true market value to determine a realistic offer....

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Refinance Home Improvement Loan: Get Rates

Advertising Disclosure: This content uses referral links. See end of post. Refinance home improvement loan Rates are the first thing that comes to mind when you need to refinance a loan. The term and closing costs usually follow suit thereafter. You may have already asked yourself which is better? A home equity line of credit...

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What Is Wholesale Real Estate To Flipping Houses: The Skinny

What is wholesale real estate in comparison to flipping houses? Here’s the skinny. In the real estate game of wholesaling you place an offer to purchase on a property that’s usually sold “as-is” hoping to catch a good wholesale real estate opportunity by acquiring the property below market value. You...

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United States Of Chinatown: How American Skylines Are Being Resculpted By Chinese Investors Sipping 啤酒 Over Platinum 筷子

From $5 Billion dollars in 2009 to $87.3 Billion in 2015, foreign investors interest in American homes and condominiums has lapped itself like The Road Runner zipping past Wile E. Coyote. China is the number 1 investor in U.S. property markets with goals to expand. According to the National Association of Realtors Chinese...

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Cash Offers In 48 Hours Or Less!

Cash offers are important to handy-man specials because banks generally won’t approve financing to houses that aren’t in working condition. In order to make all cash offers consistently to sellers as quickly as possible it is important that we establish an inexhaustible network of buyers. In an ideal world...

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Driving For Dollars Cruisin’ For Hours

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – won’t you be my neighbor.” As I sing along then switch gears… “Cruisin down the street in my Dodge Ram”. From 0 to 100, then back to zero. Zip code to zip code, when it comes to driving for dollars, rolling at a snail’s pace...

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