Driving For Dollars Cruisin’ For Hours

Driving For Dollars Cruisin’ For Hours

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – won’t you be my neighbor.” As I sing along then switch gears… “Cruisin down the street in my Dodge Ram”. From 0 to 100, then back to zero. Zip code to zip code, when it comes to driving for dollars, rolling at a snail’s pace looking for vacant houses with a pen and pad, I don’t drive, I cruise. In fact, I take much pleasure in stalking houses like Inspector Gadget, hopping out of the car as if i’m about to get some hot chick’s phone number only to say, “go-go-gadget iPHONE!” snapping a picture of opportunity knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door. Just call me the Prince of property prosperity in hot pursuit like the Predator. Another day in the jungle. Hunting the heads of dead president’s to add to my wall of trophies. Like a college freshman collecting panties on spring break. Except on this campus of hard knocks cheap thrills pay the bills. Acres of diamond’s in the rough.

Driving For Dollars

Driving For Dollars

Set Goals Driving For Dollars

I figure I’ll snap pics of about 25 houses per mission. After writing the addresses in my notebook and hopping on the laptop, like Sherlock Holmes I’ll follow up on finding the owner. Or knock on neighbors doors hoping they can locate them. I’ll even post pictures of some of the vacant houses on this website (with no address) just in case there is a deal brewing. I can always later plug in the rest of the info on the house and make an offer to acquire it myself. I can also set up a wholesale exit strategy if I choose that option. Either way, I leave myself outs by planning ahead and staging the whole process. I figure if I do about 125 houses a week there has got to be a deal in there somewhere right?

Of course I might not be able to get in touch with all the owners, but even if I can only get in contact with half of them I still have a chance to make money. Than Merril mentioned in one of his books that it takes about 15 to 25 offers before you land a deal. I believe he was referring to direct mail marketing if I’m not mistaken, but that still tells me a lot. It says I should make at LEAST 25 offers a week in order to get some deals going. Once I reach that point consistently and comfortably, I can turn it up a notch. If I can’t keep up I’ll simply pass the opportunity to someone else. Even to visitors of this website.

In addition to direct mail, bandit signs, and driving for dollars, we’ll soon allow visitor’s to post FSBO’s on our site’s front end. Either way, nothing is gonna stop me from cruisin for dollars on a hot sunny day. I actually enjoy picking a zip code and hearing Pinky and the Brain reverberate in my mind with distorted visions of smiling dollars calling my name while they river dance on the front porch of vacant house. Ahhhhh….My evil plot to take over the world.

BankHead Bounce Dollar

Driving for dollars with visions of dancing dollars


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