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Are you a buyer/real estate investor looking to purchase properties? If so consider joining our buyer’s list. We need to know EXACTLY what type of properties you like to purchase so we can contact you when we locate them.  In this way, ideally we can have several houses lined up for you to choose from that fits your specific investment criteria. Consider the following:

  1. What zip codes do you prefer to invest in?
  2. What price range are you interested in?
  3. How many bed-rooms and bathrooms do you prefer? Garage/Carport?
  4. Do you have cash available for the full purchase amount or do you need financing?
Buyer's List

Join Our Buyer’s List

Our goal is to find out EXACTLY what type of property you prefer and what price range, zip codes etc, will fit your investment needs. In this way we can present a property to you that is a perfect match for you, with an ACCURATE ROI already calculated to be profitable with no financial shortcomings. We are Real Estate Investor’s ourselves so we realize how important it is to get the numbers right by hiring experienced professional general contractor’s to accurately calculate repair cost’s when necessary, and double checking the ARV with knowledgeable real estate agents for running the comps whenever possible.  We actually come across deals all the time so there is no way we can purchase and rehab every single one (although we’d love to). Therefore, in those situations we’ll either partner up on it, or simply pass the deal to you with adequate compensation. So weather your strategy is ‘buy-and-hold’ or ‘fix-and-flip’, light cosmetic or full rehab, we are here to serve you. Please fill out the brief form below so that we can assist you in growing your investment portfolio, earning more positive cash-flow, and increasing your income substantially.


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