United States Of Chinatown: How American Skylines Are Being Resculpted By Chinese Investors Sipping 啤酒 Over Platinum 筷子

United States Of Chinatown: How American Skylines Are Being Resculpted By Chinese Investors Sipping 啤酒 Over Platinum 筷子

From $5 Billion dollars in 2009 to $87.3 Billion in 2015, foreign investors interest in American homes and condominiums has lapped itself like The Road Runner zipping past Wile E. Coyote. China is the number 1 investor in U.S. property markets with goals to expand. According to the National Association of Realtors Chinese investors spent $28.6 Billion in U.S. Property purchases surpassing Canada and India. China may be changing the skyline of downtown L.A, but some have their eyes and ears tuned into higher ROI in a city or town near you. This can be profitable for reputable American real estate investors and agents who know their market. It’s an opportunity to seek out foreign investors and help them make a smooth transition into U.S. property markets. Companies like Will Hardy & Brandon Thomson’s Investor Network for example are helping foreign investors navigate the U.S. property market as seamlessly as Steve Jobs navigated technology and design, keeping everything ‘in-house’ offering a one-stop shop of real estate agents, property management, remodeling teams, and brokerage.

Billions are getting pumped into YOUR local market by wealthy individuals sipping beer (啤酒) over platinum chopsticks (筷子).

Tools Of The Trade

Savvy investors boldly explore profitable markets for foreign clients at warp speed like the U.S.S. Enterprise. Some utilize social networks seeking out Chinese investors like an American ambassador. They set up profiles on WeChat (Chinese Facebook), Weibo (Chinese Twitter), and use tools like Baidu (Chinese Google). Armed with iPhone apps like Pleco (Chinese Dictionary) and Google translator. Topping it all off with Alipay (Chinese Paypal). Paul Salo gives excellent advice on this on his ChinaCashBuyer channel. It’s also wise to learn a thing or two about the culture of Chinese business dinners so you won’t embarrass yourself. Because somewhere at a dinner table in China (or Chinatown U.S.A.) another $10 Billion is getting pumped into YOUR local real estate market by very wealthy individuals sipping beer (啤酒) over platinum chopsticks (筷子). And THAT should grab your attention quicker than a Jet Li kick in the BALLS!

China Investors

Business Dinner With Chinese Investors

What Lies Ahead

Maybe for some the focus is on diversification through residential properties . Others are more focused on building little miniature “cities within cities” (as in L.A.) with mixed unit facilities of retail space, boutique hotels, and residential units interwoven through the seams. So what does it all mean? Some professionals believe if it weren’t for foreign investors back in 2012, we’d still be in a Great Recession. In that sense this can be an incredible stimulus package for the savvy opportunist who knows their market. But this new wave of Chinese investors is just as savvy. They don’t plan to make the same mistakes the Japanese made while investing in New York real estate in the late 80’s. And just as with wholesaling residential properties, it’s the investors and agents who can see things from the perspective of the end buyer who will have a better advantage over their peers.

Knowing that Chinese investors just put $10 Billion into U.S. Real Estate in just the first 5 months of the year – what do you think?  How long will this wave last? 5 years? 10 years? How many more BILLIONS are they going to pump into the American real estate market? $5 Billion? $10 Billion? Will they stick to L.A.? What city will they target next? Birmingham? St. Louis? Memphis? What’s your favorite Chinese dish (does it pair well with Baijiu)? That may be something to keep in mind at a business dinner with a Chinese investor. But most noteworthy the big question is how can you prepare yourself to do business with them when they arrive in a market near you? By learning a little something about their culture, joining their social networks and never underestimating the power of good old fashioned networking at a business dinner. Drink responsibly.

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